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A Se Chung Oolong from Upton Tea Imports

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Brand:Upton Tea Imports
Style:Se Chung Oolong
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Review of Oolong Se Chung

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The reviews as well as the very low price intrigued me enough to buy a large order of this tea.
I wasn't quite sure what to expect as, while mostly positive, the reviews describe a wide range of flavors.

The rolled, snail-like leaf smells toasty. For some reason I expected a much greener aroma.

I loaded up 5 grams into a 100ml gaiwan and proceeded to infuse 7 times using water of about 195-200 degrees.

The infused liquor is a deep amber-orange-light brown. Again, I was expecting a much more light color.
The aroma is very interesting and complex. After decanting from gaiwan to cup I brought the infused leaves to my nose and detected a very pleasant roasted, extremely lightly sweet, and....menthol-like aroma! This was very unexpected and not an aroma I encounter much with tea.
Almost a pine or cedar aroma as well...extremely unique.

The flavor is smooth, toasty and very "warming". I felt quite good while sipping this tea.
There is a definite woody flavor. I did not detect any green, veggie or floral notes. Perhaps these would be more apparent with less leaf or a lower water temp.
All 7 infusions were tasty, and the aroma from the gaiwan brought the menthol and roasted "pine" wafting into the room. I kept sniffing the leaves as the aroma is so remarkable.

I enjoyed this rather interesting oolong. In a way it reminds me of a da hong pao, but still very different. Perhaps more hojicha-like, but not exactly. In another way it reminds me of an amber oolong from Taiwan, but also very different.
It's a bit difficult for me to describe the flavors and aroma I get from this very nice tea.
Interesting, to say the least :)

Looking forward to getting to know this tea better. And as others have noted it really is a steal given the low price.

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