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An Irish Breakfast from Harney and Sons

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Brand:Harney and Sons
Style:Irish Breakfast
Region:Assam, India
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One of the best Irish Breakfast blends I've tried.

The dry leaf is richly aromatic, smelling sweet, initially surprisingly fruit and then very malty.

Produces a rich, dark cup that is exactly what I'd expect from this type of tea. Strong but balanced. I found this had a slightly more fresh aroma and cooling quality than most Assam, but it also still had the rich depth and warming qualities. Moderately aromatic, the aroma is malty and fruity, with a hint of wintergreen. Fairly tannic, giving it a thick body and astringent finish.

Very solid and great price. I think my title of favorite for this style though still goes to Upton's River Shannon Blend...that had more of the wintergreen notes that I so love, and is in a similar price range.

Can be resteeped, and comes out pretty well, especially if your first steep is 3 minutes or less. I like this better using a little less leaf, actually; it's so strong and I find there is a sweetness that only comes out when brewed a little weaker. Using a full teaspoon of leaf I'd prefer a brief (2 min. or less) first steep.

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