Review of Ginseng Oolong (King's Tea) Fourth Grade

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Ten Ren's King's Tea has been my favorite for years. The base tea is high quality to begin with and the ginseng is subtle enough that the flavors blend well. It's difficult for me to tell where the tea flavor ends and the ginseng begins.

On the tongue, the tea is lightly bitter with an initial grassy flavor that gives way to a creaminess often found in high mountain oolongs. The finish fades into the ginseng flavor, which hints at a licorice sweetness.

The aroma is lightly fruity with notes of both underripe strawberries and seaweed.

I've tasted the higher grades of this tea that Ten Ren sells and while each subsequent grade is definitely more aromatic than the previous one, I find that the fourth grade offers the best value.

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