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An English Breakfast from Harney and Sons

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Brand:Harney and Sons
Style:English Breakfast
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Harney says this blend is 100% Keemun and it shows...tastes just like Keemun, which I like, but definitely more like the more modern English Breakfast style than a Keemun picked at random. Fuller-bodied and richer than most English Breakfast, but softer and less crisp.

Dry leaf has an aroma that is gentle and pleasant, a little bready and slightly fruity, gentler than what I expect from this style of tea.

The flavor is richer than the dry leaf suggests, very full-bodied and dark. Quite astringent to the point of having a rather dry mouthfeel, but not very bitter. Very warming but with a few cooling notes. Not the most aromatic tea, the aroma is similar to a Keemun, a sort of rich earthy aroma with suggestions of dried fruit, bread, baked goods, and a few toasty and smoky notes.

I really liked drinking this one when hot. It's still good when it cools but the sensations on the palate were most satisfying when hot.

Resteeps well, better than is typical for English Breakfast blends. Excellent price too.

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