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A Chun Mee from Harney and Sons

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Brand:Harney and Sons
Style:Chun Mee
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Enjoyable but not amazing, not really standing out much among this style of tea. Smoother and less acidic than the norm for chun mee, but also perhaps a bit more boring too.

The dry leaf has a dusty vegetal aroma, slightly smoky, with a few sweet notes, kind of what I'd expect from this type of tea.

Brewed, this tasted deeper than most chun mee. It had a slight but deep sort of bitterness, and more vegetal and herbaceous notes. It was less crisp and acidic than I expect from this style, and less smoky.

Resteeped well and the second cup was similarly deep and subdued.

I experimented with brewing temperature. Normally I find Chun Mee is very sensitive to brewing temperature, but this one worked just fine with boiling water. It was surprisingly smooth, neither too sour nor too astringent, nor with any off aromas. I actually found I wanted more astringency even on the round where I used boiling water.

Chun mee is a cheap tea, and although I think it offers good value, I've had cheaper teas that were about as good as this (Foojoy comes to mind). That tea might be a little more edgy, but then again, I like that, when I choose this type of tea it's because I want something with a bit of bite.

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Echo Shao wrote:
on November 23rd, 2020

In China, there is an area so called "Green Tea Golden Triangle" -Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangxi area, where has the best flavor (aroma & taste) green tea, you are welcomed to try with the chunmee tea from Huangshan area to see difference : )

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