Tea: Ancient Golden Yunnan

A Yunnan Gold from Rishi Tea - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Rishi Tea
Style:Yunnan Gold
Region:Yunnan, China
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Review of Ancient Golden Yunnan

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While somewhat broken, the dry tea is in relatively large pieces and the golden tips that the style is known for are apparent. The aroma is malty with notes of raisins.

While brewing, the tea smells wonderful. The maltiness is pronounced, but tannic, leafy and perhaps mineral elements are also present.

The first taste is more bitter and astringent than I was expecting and I wouldn't have guessed in a blind tasting that this tea is Chinese. Other Yunnan teas that I've tasted are milder with the maltiness being more pronounced. Don't get me wrong, I really like this tea, it just has a flavor profile that I normally expect from a Darjeeling or even a quality Assam.

As the tea cools, the bitterness, mild though it is already, begins to fade and the astringency becomes more pronounced. The finish is long-lasting and fruity with flavors of pitaya and dark plum. This is an easy tea to savor and it's a disappointment when it's gone.

As an aside, I initially had a lower opinion of this tea because I thought that the quality didn't justify the price I paid. It turns out that Whole Foods sold it to me for nearly double what Rishi sells it for online. Rishi's price of $3.50/oz is still expensive, but more closely matches my expectations for this tea.

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