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I saw some Harney & Sons teas in a health food store and remembered that they got high reviews here, so I decided to try some. I got a tin of loose leaf English Breakfast and a box of tea bags. The box of teabags says that the blend is 100% Keemun, but the tin just says "blended black tea". I wasn't sure that they were meant to be the same blend until I checked the H&S website.

I was disappointed that the tea wasn't sealed in an airtight way (either a mylar pouch or, like Twinings, a foil seal under the lid). The tea seemed fresh, though, and has a slightly smoky aroma with notes of dried cherries.

While brewing, the aroma is less pronounced than I've noticed with other Keemuns, but it's still pleasant. It smells of earthy leaves and dried fruit, particularly prunes, cherries and dates. I was surprised by the bitterness in the first taste. The bitterness isn't overpowering or unpleasant, but the tea is noticeably more bitter than other Keemuns. A light astringency, smokiness and fruity sweetness round out a nice balance. Anyone that finds other Chinese teas too mellow should give this one a try. On the other hand, this tea is far less bitter and astringent than Assam-based Breakfast blends, but no less flavorful. I really like this tea.

The tea cost me $5.89 for a four ounce tin. Even the regular $7.00 price at the H&S website is quite reasonable for tea of this quality.

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