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I bought a box of teabags at the same time as a tin of loose tea to see how different they are. The answer is not much.

The box contains twenty individually sealed, standard, flat teabags. The dry tea is chopped up as fannings and has a fainter aroma than I get when sniffing a tin of loose tea, but once it starts brewing it smells the same to me. The nose is earthy with dried fruit and brown sugar.

The flavor is slightly muted compared to the loose tea, but it's possible that I use more tea when brewing loose. Otherwise, this tastes exactly the same as tea that H&S sells loose.

If nothing else, this tea is testament to the fact that tea sellers can make decent-tasting teabags if they want to. The box sells for only slightly more than Twinings or Bigelow, but is in a completely different league as far as quality is concerned.

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