Review of West Lake Dragon Well Tea Long Jing

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The dry leaves released a great roasty aroma when I opened the bag. I couldn't wait but to steep a cup of this great looking green tea in my glass gaiwan.

I cooked water and let it cool down for 2 minute. I can't really say what temperature it is, I tend to steep tea more based on my 'feeling'. And I like it that way. I guess it should be around 80C. After waiting for 3 minutes poured the tea in pitcher.

The flavour is pretty deep for a green tea. It's nutty, but not bitter. Maybe a weakness is that I feel it's slightly dry below my tongue. I think this could be avoided by steeping it slightly shorter. It's still really nice though. I think I would recommend a 2 minute steep for the first steep.

I applied 4 grams of leaves and could get 5 steepings out of a 120g gaiwan.

Not the best Dragon Well I had, but definitely the best value. I can't wait to try the more premium dragon well longjing that this vendor stocks.

A sample was provided for this review.

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