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Style:Da Hong Pao
Region:Wuyi, Fujian, China
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It's kind of strange that I've had so many Dan Cong oolongs in my life, but no oolong from Wuyishan. I guess that's because of my Chaozhou background. Given the fame of Dahongpao, I guess it's about time to try it out!

According to the vendor it's a 'banyan' type, meaning it's harvested near the scenic area of Wuyishan.

At first I was thinking to steep it in an Yixing teapot in which I steep my Dancongs, but then I thought, it might affect the flavour making this dahongpao taste like the usual oolongs I drink. So I decided to go for a porcelain gaiwan.

After a quick rinse, I applied a 15 second steep. The leaves release a nice aroma. The taste is kind of like a Milan Xiang Dan Cong oolong. It's more honeyish in the first steep, but it slowly becomes more flowery in the next sessions.

I managed to get 9 steeps out of 8 grams of tea. Pretty good yield.

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