Review of Pearl Gunpowder

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This was a simple, coolish, fresh green tea with a hint of smoke in the aroma. Gunpowder isn't my favorite style of green tea, but I do enjoy it from time to time.

The dry leaf of this smells mild but pleasant and fresh, dusty with a hint of smoke, some cool herbal notes a little like celery. After steeping I see that the leaves are almost fully intact, usually a good sign.

The brewed cup is nice. I love the body and mouthfeel of this tea, the sensations on the palate. It is crisp and there's a pleasant astringency that is constant from the beginning of the sip through the finish. Tao of Tea describes a "hint of char"; I think there's a bit more than a hint, but it's not overwhelmingly smoky the way most Temple of Heaven gunpowder is.

Very inexpensive, I think a good buy. Not the type of tea I'd want to drink every day, however. Resteeps just fine, but I found I was tired of it after one cup.

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