Tea: Mao Feng

A Mao Feng Green Tea from De Theefabriek

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Brand:De Theefabriek
Style:Mao Feng Green Tea
Region:Zhejiang, China
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I might still have to work out some things with brewing this tea, because this second attempt tastes very different from the first.

It has a strong vegetal aroma and very little sweetness. It reminds me a little bit of Young Hyson right now which seems strange. After all, this tea is supposed to be mild whereas Young Hyson is quite intense. Either way, it tastes very good and I love the dark green leaves.

EDIT: As I drink more of this tea, it seems less distinctive and interesting with every cup and I keep searching for that amazing first cup I had. I wish I knew how much leaf I used and how long I steeped it that time so I could do it again.

EDIT: I believe I've finally figured it out. It does have a strong vegetal aroma, reminding me of Korean Jeju Island green tea and Bi Luo Chun. There's also a savory or maybe umami flavour; I think that is what made me think of Young Hyson the first time.
I'm glad it turned out better than I feared earlier!

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