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A Jasmine Tea from De Theefabriek - O Organic

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Brand:De Theefabriek
Style:Jasmine Tea
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I actually ordered the slightly more expensive and higher quality Jasmijn Mao Jian instead of this one. I'm going to give De Theefabriek the benefit of doubt and put it down to a mistake. Given how many samples I ordered, any small mistakes like this are understandable.

The jasmine smell struck me as a bit sharp at first, but that's familiar from a cheap sachet jasmine tea which is my only prior experience. And just like that one the taste seemed kind of like bubble gum to me, but I suppose that's just what Jasmine tastes and smells like. The flavour is much softer than what I recall, and less like bubblegum. Smoother, too.
So I definitely had my misgivings, but it has a very pleasant aftertaste and I found myself wanting more after the first cup.

In the second steeping the jasmine is much diminished. The green tea is much more noticeable and the flavours feel separate or not harmonious, I'm not sure how to describe it. I'm not sure if it's worth steeping twice, though the aftertaste was nice again.

Now, the second time I'm drinking it, I'm able to enjoy it much more now that I'm not drinking it with suspicion. I'm almost wondering if I should get a slightly larger amount of jasmine tea to add to my collection once I finish this sample. (Luckily, I have enough left for a few more cups since I seem to use relatively small amounts of leaf.)

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