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An Assam from Frontier - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Region:Assam, India
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The dry tea is very aromatic and smells of raisins and cherries, being much fruitier than other Assams that I've tried. The brewing tea smells of malt and oak leaves, but has a lighter aroma than I was expecting from the dry tea

Four minutes in boiling water resulted in a very strong, rich cup of tea with balanced bitterness and astringency. While more bitter than Sri Lankan or Chinese black teas, it's not as bitter as other Assam teas. Unfortunately, it's also lacking some of the maltiness that I specifically look for in an Assam. The tea has good body and a nice, long finish, but I keep searching for more subtle flavors that just aren't there. It's good tea, but a bit of a disappointment after tasting Frontier's Ceylon offering.

Being under $2 per ounce, it's not particularly expensive, especially since I've been trying to buy Fair Trade teas. At similar prices, though, premium grocery store brands rival Frontier Assam in quality. It's good and worth the price, but not exceptional.

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