Review of Lemon Lift® Decaffeinated Black Tea

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The dry teabag smells mostly of cinnamon. There's a hint of citrus, but not near what I was expecting from the name.

Adding the hot water releases a distinct and pleasant lemon scent, but cinnamon is still the dominant aroma.

The taste is yet different. It definitely tastes of lemon oil or peel and is much stronger than I would have thought, but the underlying flavor is remarkably similar to cinnamon coffee cake. It's actually quite tasty. The cinnamon flavor is decent (mellow, "true" cinnamon, rather than spicier cassia). I really don't detect any tea, though, either in the flavor or aroma. Since this is a decaf, that's par for the course.

As flavored teas go, I much prefer Earl Grey, but I also like citrus much more than spice. This definitely tastes good, though, so if your tastes run the other way, it might be for you.

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