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A Sencha from De Theefabriek

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Brand:De Theefabriek
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The leaves look interesting: the leaves are shredded into flat pieces of two or three square millimeters and relatively light green. (Isn't sencha usually needle-shaped?)

I don't have much experience with senchas, but this doesn't quite seem like the two better ones. I remember a strong bright, "green" vegetal aroma and a pleasant bitterness, and at least one of them was a beautiful bright green.

This one has a yellow liqueur instead of bright green. It does have a vegetal aroma, but it reminds me more of Mao Feng. It was very light the first time I tried it even though I used a decent amount of leaf; this time I used even more. It doesn't get that nice bitterness; I steeped it for what felt like quite a while but even now there's just a slight hint of bitter.

Maybe I should have tried the Japanese and Chinese sencha samples first. I'll get back to this tea once I've tried them and have more points of reference.

EDIT: After trying a Japanese sencha sample I can confirm that this does not taste like sencha. It's not exactly bad as a tea, but it just doesn't taste or smell special at all and I feel that it's not what I was promised.

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