Tea: Pure Darjeeling

A Darjeeling Black Tea from Wedgwood

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Style:Darjeeling Black Tea
Region:Darjeeling, India
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I remember vividly the impression of black tea I first tried at my host family's home in England where I had studied English for several months. It was one rainy morning in the last flight of April in 2014 and I have since been a tea enthusiast. I still don't know what sort of tea that was - it might be English breakfast with milk because my host mother offered me that every morning with a piece of toast and some sweet soupy thing - I know this is called “poridge”. Reminiscence of the milky taste and wildflower-ish smell always brought me delight.
Since the return to my homeland, I had sought to find the exact taste - fortunately, my taste goblet harboured its sweet-bitterness. I tried a few sorts of black teas from Twinings, Betty Nardi, Ahmad and some other affordable brands. I even read books about tea: The Tea Cyclopedia and The Book of Tea. Alas, all those purchases had got me strapped - goody-goodys are out of money most of the time - but turned out to be worthwhile: I found the proximity in the long run, yet much better and stronger in all.
Wedgwood's pure darjeeling was the best one for the newbie tea drinker and college student with a finicky palate. I don't drink alcoholic beverages and darjeeling is renowned as “the champagne of black tea”, but not among my acquaintances. Getting a trick out of it, I posted on a brief review of the tea, saying “I'm addicted to it.” with a couple of hashtags directly mentioning “champaign” and “black tea”. To my amusement, no one noticed them!
It's been already about two years since the thrilling moment I was struck with the dulcet mouthfeel, but I still enjoy this grapey darjeeling (and a wonderful champagne for tea drinkers indeed) with a bit of pleasant bitter finish. Adding milk or sugar spoils its pure and full-bodied taste. A nip of milk would be enough if it's too strong for you or just want it to be a bit softer. Also, mere astringency and smoky taste remains if you brew it over 5 minutes, so you cannot feel its greatness.

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