Tea: Keemun Extra Choice

A Keemun from Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd

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Brand:Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd
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A very subdued tea. This one was pleasant, but disappointed me, given how much I normally tend to like Keemun.

Dry leaf smells pleasant and mild, a little fresher and cooler-smelling than I normally expect for Keemun.

Brews a rich, dark cup with a mellow flavor and a distinctly caramelly aroma. A little fresher, lighter, and more cooling than typical for Keemun, but otherwise like a typical Keemun. Hints of dried fruit, like raisin or fig, only the faintest suggestions of smoke. Seems very low in caffeine, which could make this nice for consuming later in the afternoon. I liked how I felt after drinking this one, it was very relaxing.

Overall, this disappointed me though. I found I needed to use more leaf than I'm used to, to brew this to satisfaction, and it was on the pricey side for this quality. Compare TeaVivre's Keemun Grade 1, which is cheaper, and I like much better, or Foojoy's Keemun, which is much cheaper and I think I still like a bit more even if it's less smooth. I also prefer many of Murchie's other black teas to this one, including cheaper ones.

Can be resteeped and the second cup was pleasant, but not very aromatic. I preferred a single, longer steep (5-8 min.). This tea is smooth and difficult to oversteep, but easy to brew too weakly. I find the leaf doesn't go very far, however, which makes it offer poor value in my opinion.

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