Review of Yunnan Loose Tea

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This was one of the most classic examples of a Dian Hong or black tea from Yunnan, that I have tried in a long time.

The dry leaf is rich in golden tips, looking a little more greenish and silvery than in the company's picture. It smells mild but very pleasant and complex, with smoky and fruity notes typical of a Yunnan Tea.

Brews up a rich but very balanced cup. Just enough astringency to make it full-bodied, but overall very smooth and easy to drink. Aroma is complex with hints of vegetables and smoke, and a strong fruitiness, suggesting raisins. Lightly peppery on the palate, especially in the finish. Crisp, clean, and satisfying, but also very warming.

I loved this tea and could drink it often, especially in winter. The price also seems reasonable. It's also very easy to brew; I experimented a bit with leaf quantity and steeping times, and it always tastes good, just perhaps a little stronger or weaker. Easily makes two steeps and the second cup is plenty strong and still aromatic.

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