Review of Gomvir Assam Spring Natural Artisanal Green

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My least favorite of the Assam green teas so far; still pleasant to drink but only if brewed carefully; has some nice aromatic complexity, but I found the aroma was fleeting, most evident right after I poured the water and not persisting as I drank the whole cup. It was also very easy to oversteep.

The dry leaf has a curly, crinkly shape. The aroma of this tea's leaf is milder than the other Assam greens I've tried yet. Smells fresh but a bit dusty.

Upon brewing, aroma is intriguing, soapy, floral, and vegetal, with a hint of spice. The aroma is reminiscent of some green oolongs, but the flavor is much bolder, typical of a large-leaf green tea. TEAORB describes this tea as astringent, and I agree.

I liked this tea best when brewed mildly. I was careful to keep the steeping temperature low and not steep too long. It easily became overbearing otherwise.

I found this tea tasted better when it had cooled; it might make a good iced tea, but as the weather has cooled already I'm unlikely to test this out. When cool, I find the astringency had a refreshing quality.

Overall though, this wasn't one of my favorites; it was a bit tricky to brew to satisfaction, easy to make too strong, and not interesting enough aromatically to warrant tolerating the astringency.

People might enjoy doing Gong Fu Brewing with this one...the first few sips were the most interesting and the astrigency limited my enjoyment of a larger cup.

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