Review of Esta Assam Spring Organic Artisanal Green

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When TEAORB sent me a massive array of Assam green teas to sample, I was a little worried that they would all taste too similar to each other, especially given how they all seem to look very similar to each other. Many of the Assam greens I've tried have been bold, alien, and the sort of tea I would need to be in the right mood to drink, but this one was quite different...I'd describe it as an easy-drinking tea, especially for someone who likes Chinese green teas.

Dry leaf has a grassy and toasty aroma, closer to Chinese green teas than any, a lot like a dragon well in particular.

Cup is fresh and crisp tasting, more cooling and less warming than any of the other Assam greens so far. When brewed it reminded of a cross between dragon well and more inexpensive Chinese green teas like chun mee; it was cleaner tasting, but seemed to lack the depth that some of the other Assam green teas I've been trying from TEAORB have.

This tea was easy to brew and retained a remarkably similar character regardless of how I brewed it. It seems to take near-boiling water just fine, but also tastes fine when brewed with lower-temperature water. Varying the leaf amount or steeping times just makes it stronger or weaker. Compare with the tea from Basundhara estate, that I just reviewed...this one is the same price, had a similar character, and I preferred it slightly on all counts.

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