Review of Ceylon Kenilworth

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A rich,warming, complex black tea. I liked this a lot, although there are other black teas from Murchie's that I like more, like the Scottish Breakfast or Yunnan, in a similar or lower price range.

I have now tried at least five Ceylon teas from Kenilworth estate, all from different companies. This one tasted most like the one sold by Mighty Leaf Tea; I think I preferred it ever-so-slightly more although the difference was subtle. It seemed slightly smoother and more aromatic.

The dry leaf is incredibly fragrant, with a heavy, almost cloying fruitiness, and a moderate smokiness.

The brewed cup is rich but not overwhelming, although it is more astringent than I like. Like the example sold by Mighty Leaf, this one reminds me of cranberry juice, especially in the finish, with its fruitiness and astringency. Murchie's describes this as "oaky" and "creamy"...I actually see both of these qualities.

Price is great, especially with the good exchange rate on the Canadian dollar right now if you live in the U.S.

Resteeps well; I always made two cups from the same set of leaves.

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