Review of Wekhaj Assam Summer Organic Artisanal Black

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This is a prototypical high-grade Assam. Really good and exactly what I expect out of an Assam. Strong and deep, but easy to drink and enjoyable through every sip. Contrasting with TEAORB's other samples, which have been exotic and unpredictable at times, this is a more traditional tea that I think a wide range of people would appreciate.

The dry leaf of this tea smells malty and fruity. Upon brewed, it's exactly like what I would expect: rich, deep, full-bodied, with a mild but pleasant astringency. The flavor is simultaneously bitter and sweet. Very aromatic, smelling of malt and dried fruit. TEAORB describes the aroma as like "wet wood" and I see this.

I really love how I feel after drinking this. It's warming and comforting, a good winter tea, but something I would enjoy drinking year-round.

Brewed 3 minutes with a typical amount of leaf (less than TEAORB recommends), the strength was just right. Resteeps really well: I preferred a second steep of about 12 minutes. The second cup is slightly softer than the first, but rich and full-bodied, and aromatically complex. Price is good, this a fairly high-end tea, but it delivers the quality I expect at this price. I recommend this one if you want a traditional Assam with strength and depth, but on the smoother side.

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