Review of Innate Assam Summer Natural Artisanal Green

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An aromatically-interesting tea that was too harsh for me to enjoy it. I wonder if, like a raw or sheng Pu-erh, this tea could be aged. I couldn't enjoy drinking it as-is.

This is the first summer-harvest Assam green tea, and I was curious to see if it tasted appreciably different from the others. I was disappointed that it tasted more-or-less similar, and I don't think I would be able to pick it out of the lineup as being harvested at a different time. TEAORB describes this tea as having a sweet aroma but strong flavor, and I agree.

Dry leaf, which looks beautiful, is mild, but the aroma is slightly sweet. Unfortunately, none of this sweetness came through in the cup.

The brewed cup has a soapy aroma, again, mild. As I sip it, it develops fresh herbaceous notes. At times it reminds me of greener oolongs. I very much like the aromatic profile, but it was very astringent, even if brewed mildly. I experimented brewing it progressively weaker, and when it was mild enough to drink, it was watery and aromatically weak. Experimenting with brewing temperature also had little positive effect.

I would pass on this one; I found it hard to enjoy drinking.

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