Review of Disha Assam Summer Organic Factory Black

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A relatively smooth black tea that I thought tasted better when brewed more strongly. One of the many samples TEAORB sent me, thank you!

Dry leaf, dark in appearance, slightly broken, with a gently curved shape, smells mild, pleasant but uninteresting: fruity and a little bit dusty.

The brewed cup smells sweet, soft, and fruity, but upon sipping it tastes more like a traditional Assam, with a pleasantly sharp edge. Quite a lot of bite, but never harsh. I very much enjoyed this was easy to drink. As I drink the whole cup, a few notes of autumn leaves come out towards the end.

The second cup is hearty, warm, and mellow and smooth. It is much softer than the first and has a bready quality, with notes of spice.

Seemed a bit more caffeinated than some of the other teas TEAORB puts in the "Medium" caffeine category. I found this tea tasted better when brewed on the strong side. It can be a bit thin if not steeped long enough, but it doesn't get at all bitter, and only gets moderately astringent if steeped longer or using more leaf.

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