Review of Java Sunda Purwa (g)

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The first thing that struck me is that it looks and smells exactly like gunpowder tea, even though it isn't called that anywhere. It's not a problem, I even have an idea why one might not want to market gunpowder tea as gunpowder tea (if that really is what this is). The origin and a name might sound more enticing that "gunpowder", which would appear to be your standard green tea. I certainly bought this because I want to try teas from many different regions.

It does also taste like gunpowder tea. Strong and a bit sweetish, and I think I'm finally tasting a hint of this smokiness that everyone keeps talking about in a tea that isn't actually smoked (like lapsang souchong).
Second steeping is strikingly sweet, but otherwise not interesting. I'm not even going to try to get a third cup out of it, I can already tell that it's not worth it.

It's relatively cheap for De Theefabriek at €3.85 for 90 grams, but I've had gunpowder teas that I liked as much (at least at the time; maybe my standards have increased) for a quarter of the price or less.

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