Tea: Golden Flower

A Golden Osmanthus from Adagio Teas

Picture of Golden Flower
Brand:Adagio Teas
Style:Golden Osmanthus
Region:Anxi, Fujian, China
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Review of Golden Flower

9 of 105 of 55 of 594 of 100

This is my absolute favorite go-to green oolong tea. The aroma is pleasant and not very strong. But the aroma is the least of my worries when buying tea. The flavor is amazing, and I have trouble describing it. It lasts me 4 western style infusions and is an amazing value at 2.5 cents per cup when buying in pounds(or 10 cents with single infusions)!

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on January 11th, 2018

Hello and welcome to RateTea and thank you for your first several reviews!

I haven't tried this particular one but I do love this type of oolong, Huang Jin Gui or Golden Osmanthus. I have had very good ones from Teaspring and Life in Teacup.

I find there are a lot of oolongs from Anxi county, other than Tie Guan Yin, that are not well-known and that, although they can be harder to find, often offer good value because they're a little less pricey than the top-quality Tie Guan Yin.

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