Review of Aged Earl Grey™ - Bergamot Black

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There is a lot of good about this tea, but with some trade off. To start with, I love the bold aroma. Big aroma and a bigger bag of earl grey per serving than other brands I have tried (Bigelow, Twinnings, Earl Greyer to name a few). The trade off here is it needs to be brewed the full 5 minutes like it says on the packaging to get the full flavor.

With that big pungent flavor it can be more tempting to add sugar or cream to balance this tea. No big deal, but I usually just add stevia to my Earl Grey.

One last thing I would like to note is that it packs more caffeine than other brands. I can really feel the jolt from one cup. Good if you are on the go and have time for just 1 cup in the morning, not so good if you are drinking it several times during the day. Overall it is a lovely Earl Grey, but I like to drink more than one cup throughout the day so it isnt always my go to Earl Grey.

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