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An Assam from TEAORB

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Region:Assam, India
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An above-average CTC tea for a good price. Another of TEAORB's samples, thank you!

The dry leaf is aromatic but the smell is a bit abrasive. It reminds me of the Assam from Quik Tea.

Upon brewing though, the aroma becomes much richer, heartier, and softer. There are notes of cocoa. I really love the flavor and mouthfeel of this tea; it's full-bodied with just the right amount of bite, strong, yet still smooth, and with considerable natural sweetness. I find it tastes good once it has cooled too.

Like most CTC teas this could possibly become too harsh if steeped too long, but I found it tasted great with a 1-3 minute infusion. 1 minute produces a cup that is plenty strong, and 3 minutes is stronger but still not too harsh.

This tea is distinct from the rest of TEAORB's catalogue, in that it's much cheaper. At 100 grams for $3, this is a steal. It's cheaper than many store brands of tea but much higher in quality. Compare in price to something like Ahmad tea, this is just as good too, I preferred it to Ahmad's broken-leaf Barooti Assam. I recommend this, especially if you like these strong breakfast teas and also want to order from TEAORB; their strength is in the whole-leaf artisan teas, but if you're already ordering from them this can be a good tea to throw in to your order.

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