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Sniffing the dry bag resurrected memories of high-school wood shop. At first I didn't understand why, then I realized the modest aroma has a component much like freshly sanded walnut, or basswood. That's not an unpleasant odor, just not what I expect in a tea. Perhaps a carpenter can appreciate this product better than I.

The wet-bag and in-cup smells were only stronger by a tiny amount, but at least with less wood and more tea. As dark as the cup steeped, the taste—while decent, not bad—struck me as remarkably unremarkable. The blandness caught me by surprise, coming from a brand and tea type of this repute. The only aspect that stood out was a bit more bitterness than I'd prefer in a plain black tea. Overall it was quite reminiscent of some ordinary food-service black teas I've had at little roadside motels.

Somehow the tea became just a little richer after I began eating some tortilla chips dipped in heaping helpings of New Mexico green chile/tomatillo salsa. My conclusion: if you're a carpenter who likes Hatch Valley green chiles, please obtain some of this tea. Otherwise, it's overpriced and overrated for what you get.

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