Tea: Lemon Lift Black Tea

A Lemon Black Tea from Bigelow Tea

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Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Lemon Black Tea
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Review of Lemon Lift Black Tea

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About 15 years ago, out by L.A., I saw a dude outside a smoothie shop dressed in yellow hat, yellow shoes and yellow tights, wearing a lemon costume. Had he asked me for a lift, I could have handed him a bag of this tea and satisfied the request.

Otherwise, the tea is not too useful. It reminded me a lot of flavored food-service teas: bland, nondescript base flavor that is not particularly strong, even after an 8-minute steeping and strong bag squeeze, though the lemon (a flavor I don't normally like much) was pleasantly sweet and not sour. That's a positive. The "spice" was much more noticeable in the dry-bag scent than in taste or wet-bag aroma. Not bad...but not particularly charming either. This is a tea I wouldn't purchase, but would grab off a hotel or conference cart if none of my favorite two or three teas found in such settings were available.

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