Review of 2015 Yunnan Sourcing Menghai Lao Cha Tou Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick

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The dry leaves still have a little wet pile odor, but fortunately, this doesn't make it into the cup. I mostly taste wood and earthy flavors. My preference with shou is for sweeter notes of cherry, dried fruit, chocolate, vanilla, etc. I'll let this air out for a few weeks and see if it changes, but it's pretty mediocre right now.

Update: I wasn't expecting anything after just under a week of airing it out, but the wet pile odor is gone. It must have had something to do with being packed up for shipping. It now has more of a camphor, wood, and cherry aroma, more sweetness, and notes of cherry, mint, and licorice. It still has the wood and earth notes, but they're complementary now rather than dominating. I'm surprised that in a week, this went from being underwhelming to being actually quite good.

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