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I can bear this Yogi. However, it could be better. For a wellness tea, it was a pleasant, light, fruity drink (thanks to the lemongrass and added natural passionfruit and plum flavors), using decaf green tea and spearmint leaf as a vector to deliver the goods. The aromas (dry bag and in-cup) were quite faint, however. The beverage brews up an even, translucent, golden-tan color with a good deal of sediment at the bottom of the cup, despite the apparent fine mesh of the bag.

I don't get the last ingredient: kombucha. As I understand it from my friends who drink bottled kombucha tea, the key to its benefits is in the bacterial cultures from fermentation of tea already made. [I don't chug the bottled stuff because: 1) it's expensive, and 2) I haven't found one I've tried yet that didn't taste wretched in some way.] Still, for a cold beverage, I see how the purpose is accomplished. But why put kombucha cultures in a dry-leaf product that's going to have boiling water poured through it, thereby killing the beneficial bacteria? Am I missing something there?

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on October 16th, 2018

I also don't get the whole "kombucha" thing in tea bags. I have had traditionally-made kombucha before, and you are correct, in that it needs to be made from scratch and then let to sit under particular conditions to have active bacterial cultures. Some bacteria can survive boiling, but...I'm very skeptical of any sort of benefit to something like a dried tea bag product which is then steeped with boiling water as is typical.

It reminds me a bit of the "probiotic" supplements Bigelow was marketing a while back (I don't know if they still are.)

It seems like a gimmick to me, and I don't like it. my experience, most of these products taste somewhere between terrible and marginally-okay, but rarely as good as blends that are designed for flavor and aroma.

Yogi makes a lot of blends that I really like. I would not feel compelled to try this one though!

Tchuggin' Okie wrote:
on October 20th, 2018

That's a good word for it: gimmick. I share your skepticism!

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