Review of China Green Tips Filterbag

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The dry tea in the bag is chopped quite fine, but smells really nice. Once the water's added, the aroma of the young tips comes through very clearly, smelling very similar to silver needle white teas.

The first taste is surprisingly sweet with a strong vegetal finish. The flavor is strong even while hot, but there's only a hint of green bitterness. Once the tea cools a little, the tea's complexity comes out. I get notes of clove and camphor. It's not as fruity as I was expecting from the initial aroma. Instead, the vegetal flavor is more pronounced. Rather than being grassy, the flavor is more like raw green beans.

The finish of the warm tea is long and potent, making this an easy tea to savor. Unlike other reviewers, I think this tea compares well to loose leaf greens with a comparable price tag. It certainly beats most anything else from a grocery store.

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