Review of Pomegranate Pizzazz® Herbal Tea

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In many ways, the behavior of this concoction from bag to cup to esophagus reminded me uncannily of the berry-flavored members of Celestial Seasonings' "Zinger" line:
* Fruity, hibiscus-heavy dry-bag and in-cup aromas,
* Initial cherry-red color turning a deep, opaque purple-gray with time,
* Strongly fruity, somewhat tart flavor that may work as well (if not better) as caffeine-free iced tea than as a hot beverage, and
* Rather long-lasting, sticky but pleasant aftertaste.
Since CS doesn't have a "Pomegranate Zinger" tea (yet), this should suffice for folks seeking such a flavor combination. All in all, it was mild and pleasant, and could use a bit more of a kick and a richer body that might be achievable simply by filling the bag fuller (there's plenty of room).

My only meaningfully unpleasant aspect was detecting an odd, somewhat dank overtone on the in-cup aroma and flavor that reminded me a lot of wet cardboard, musty papier-mâché or chemically processed paper. I don't know what would cause that peculiar effect, which was not overpowering, but still was noticeable. That experience dragged down what otherwise would have been a upper-quartile rating.

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