Review of Aged Earl Grey™ - Bergamot Black

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This is one of the best Earl Greys I've had. The base tea is wonderful and the bergamot is subtle. Note that I'm saying that "subtle" is a positive thing, so if you like Earl Grey with a powerful citrus flavor, then this one might not be what you're looking for.

That said, the tea is extremely mellow for an Assam in a bag. The bitterness and malt combine into strong cocoa notes and the astringency is mild. The bergamot citrus complements the tea flavors, making for an orange and dark chocolate sensation. Though they're similar, the base tea is definitely different than Numi's Breakfast Blend and I'd like to taste it on its own.

Numi is expensive tea for tea bags. The tea is obviously high quality, but it's at a bad price point no matter what. If I specifically want tea bags, there are cheaper teas that are nearly as good. If I want tea that's this quality, there are cheaper loose leaf teas.

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