Review of Organic Bangkok (Green Tea with Coconut, Ginger and Vanilla)

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Mmmmmmm...delicious from the first dry-bag sniff through the cup and even in the aftertaste! Finally again, for only the second time in my experience: a coconut-flavored green tea that really is coconut-dominant, and since I enjoy coconut a lot, that's a good thing.

The best part is that the coconut flavor asserts control, but doesn't entirely obscure the green tea, lemongrass and ginger. It merely is the star of the tea-drinking film with the other flavors as supporting actors, and the show is a very well-scripted and -acted story throughout. The sachets contain reasonably large ingredient pieces—enough to pass for a loose-leaf if one were to tear them apart and put them in a tin—and the wet bag swells up very nicely, no empty space. They didn't skimp on the coconut flavor. Though I wish they used actual coconut pieces, after seeing the bag swell up so large, I reckon something else would have to be sacrificed. Lemongrass, maybe?

The only thing that drags on the rating just a bit for me is the high in-store price I saw over a year ago for a 20-ct tin (≈ $8), which seems common for teas of this brand, though the (as of this writing) 50-sachet online sale price of nearly $13 for a 50-ct bag isn't too bad. [My tin was an estate-sale find, unrepresentatively inexpensive!] Regardless, I'll gladly recommend this blend for anybody who likes coconut and wants to drink green tea.

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