Review of Jasmine Pure Tea Bags

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This was a peculiar yet pleasant jasmine-tea experience, stem to stern. The jasmine scent in both the dry bag and steeped cup were stronger than the tea, and than it asserted in the flavor. Instead, the flavor overall is very well-balanced between jasmine and tea. That's good, because the green tea tastes like a very rich, robust, earthy, vegetal variety that expresses itself well in the presence of a strong floral element like jasmine.

While drinking, I noticed that the floral and green-tea balance held until near the end of each sip, then the tea took over, then the jasmine reasserted itself in the aftertaste. That was strange, but rather pleasant, for the flavors to balance, then alternate in waves that way. In a mirror-image reversal of the dry-bag experience, the wet-bag aroma was very tea-dominant, but with jasmine noticeable. Overall, especially given the favorable exchange rates, this is a great value for a quality bagged jasmine tea.

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