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A Flavored Black Tea from Harney and Sons

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Brand:Harney and Sons
Style:Flavored Black Tea
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Let me start by saying that I generally don't like flavored teas at all. Most of them taste artificial to me, the rest don't taste like tea and because I love the taste of tea, I'm left dissatisfied by them. But, as you can see, I gave this 80/100, so I was quite pleased with it. I was surprised not simply because of my past experiences with flavored teas, but because the scent of the tea in the tin seemed a bit unnatural. Maybe that was because the combination of flavors is something not found in nature, but in egg nog and cookies. But, wanting to give it a chance, I brewed up a cup at 100ÂșC, 1 tsp of tea, in a 300ml (1 cup) pot, for 5 min, as specified on the tin, and it turned out quite well. It didn't clear my throat as much as the Constant Comment Bigelow tea (which is also spiced and a bit festive in its flavorings), but it didn't bother my throat, either. I didn't feel the need to add any sweetener, but I wouldn't say that it tasted sweet. It just didn't need anything else. There isn't much of a tea taste, but the orange, vanilla, almond, and vaguely spiced flavor of it is quite pleasing all on its own. I wasn't sure that I'd like it at all and I ended up making two or three cups of it in a row. It didn't leave me jittery, with the black tea in it. It also didn't affect me, so far as I can tell, in any negative way (I'm sensitive to additives and flavorings). Overall, I was extremely impressed. I'm very glad that I took a chance and purchased a tin of this when it went on sale. It's not simply a beautiful tin (there's an option to purchase certain quantities in tins), it's also quite good tea.

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