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It didn't taste like green tea. It didn't taste like kombucha. It didn't affect me like kombucha, which typically leaves me with a positive feeling. It actually gave me a headache, despite the fact that I've had all the ingredients in this tea separately and never had a negative reaction to any of them. The flavor wasn't bad, but it tasted like herbal tea.

I really don't know what they were thinking with this one. Even if it hadn't have given me a headache, it still suffers from a serious issue of false advertising. Calling something "green tea kombucha" and having the resulting beverage lack any of the presence of either is misleading. It also lacked the benefits of either, in my experience. It left me wondering why they bothered.

It did provide me with a valuable lesson, though — some things are wonderful when separate and terrible when combined. Pickles and ice cream come to mind. They're fine separately, but put them together and you'll find yourself entering into a chef's version of Witness Protection. I can picture one of the higher-ups chucking a box of this at whatever employee came up with the idea. No, it's not very yogi-like. But, neither is a tea that gives you a headache and misrepresents itself in name.

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