Review of Chai (formerly Indian Spiced Chai)

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I got a coupon from Twinings to replace some decaffeinated Earl Gray, which was really quite awful, and I decided to spend it on this.

The spices were a tad different than other chai tea bags I'd had before. I've had chai in restaurants and have bought tea bags in the Indian sector of a nearby city, and the spices in those were a bit more pointed. This is less assertive and more even. There was a note of something that I don't recall tasting in chai often (if at all). I didn't mind it. The tea left a nice taste in my mouth after sipping it -- perfumed and lightly spiced in nature. I drank the first cup without anything added and tried a spoonful of honey in the second (I know, it's typically milk and sugar with these types of tea, but I don't like the feeling milk and sugar leaves me with). Surprisingly, the honey was a good fit. I wasn't expecting it to work out so well.

Overall, the spices are a nice, lively blend. They warmed me up a bit in the freezing weather and were very stimulating to my senses. It was unexpectedly enjoyable (and unlike some other chai varieties from Twinings, the ingredients list on this one didn't have any artificial ingredients, so that's an added bonus). I'd definitely pick this up again if I were looking for a chai tea.

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