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This is the first time I've ever had a tea from the U.S., and it's the first time I've ever had a fruit-flavored black tea. (I typically either go for fruity herbal teas or black teas without flavoring.)

My first impression was actually with the tin. It's a very nice tin. I was expecting something like this when ordering tins from other companies, but ended up with tins with sticker labels on them which didn't have a nice look to them. This it is a beautiful tin. It reminds me of the well-made, old-fashioned tins that my grandmother used to have. Unlike other tins, this also has a hinge on the lid. At first, I didn't like this, but it grew on me.

Now, the peach scent when I opened the tin was very prominent. There wasn't much of a tea scent, it was mostly peach. It's a pretty good scent, all things considered. It didn't come across as fake or artificial. Though, it's a flavored tea, so it didn't smell like it had the full range of peach nuance to it (that's normal when flavoring things, though).

The leaves looked very different from other teas I've had. They weren't curled. They were pieces of leaves and it resulted in the tea taking on a fluffy appearance. That's unique, given my experience with black tea. I've never seen a black tea with this consistency before.

I measured out 1 rounded teaspoon, as recommended by the tin, and brewed the tea for 3 minutes (between the 2-4 minutes recommended) with boiling water.

The resulting tea was very light. I think that I'd brew it for 4 minutes (perhaps longer) the next time. I tried it without sweetener and it felt like something was missing, so I added honey. It tasted better after this, but it didn't taste like it belonged warm. Those of you who make a lot of iced teas might know what I mean. Warm like this, it tasted like what might occur if you left a bottle of iced tea in the car, in the sun, during summertime. It's not refreshing or desirable. I think that in the future, I'll make this iced. I'd also brew it for longer. The aspect of the flavor that was missing was a slight tinge of bitterness, which actually adds to the experience when you have a sweet-leaning peach flavor. It's complementary. It didn't have that, brewing it for 3 minutes.

I did like the taste, but there was a strange sort of phlegm in the throat that I noticed after drinking it. I don't know if it just didn't agree with me. (I haven't felt 100% lately, so I can't definitively say that it's the tea at this point.) I'm going to try this again in a while, but next time I'll make it iced and I'll provide an update on that and change the rating accordingly.

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