Review of Pu Erh 15 Års Lagret (Nr. 914)

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Half-litre pot at home, brewed from a tuocha, i.e. a pill of compressed fermented leaves. Pours nearly clear fudge brown with negligible brownish sediment. Clear aroma of tea leaves, with mild notes of fermentation. Bitter, but not aggressive, flavour of black tea, with leafy notes and barely discernible touches of fermentation, much milder than in the aroma. Rough and slightly astringent palate. Not bad, but I expected something more pronounced, especially in the aroma. The tea company's website and the staff at its local retailer in my hometown say that the brewing should take four minutes. I tried that but the effect was mediocre - barely any aroma, let alone taste. I doubled the brewing time then and it worked. A mild but not unenjoyable cup. A little pricey, though (5 DKK for a single tuocha). I tried adding half a teaspoonful of sugar to my second cup and the result was not bad, either. The astringent nuances in the palate were brought out more clearly, and I must admit I liked it.

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1 tuocha / 0.5 l; 100 C; 4-8 min.

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