Tea: Pi Lo Chun Organic Green Tea

A Bi Luo Chun from Teavana - O Organic

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Style:Bi Luo Chun
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Review of Pi Lo Chun Organic Green Tea

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Aroma is grassy and fruity. The aroma is light and very pleasing...not the most complex I've had for a green tea but certainly very enjoyable. Flavor is very smooth...almost no bitterness and only the faintest hint of astringency if you let the cup brew for a very long time.

I settled on a very different method of brewing than recommended. Using only 1 teaspoon wasn't near enough leaf to do gong fu style brewing with multiple, brief infusions...so I decided to try a single, long infusion of 5 minutes. This tea is extremely smooth and does not become too astringent or bitter, so this worked really well.

It is very hard to get good bi luo chun in the U.S. so I'm hesitant to say this tea is overpriced. However, it is expensive...and I actually think I prefer teas that have more kick to them. If you're going to pay for the smoothness of a tea, maybe this would be a good deal, but I personally like more bitterness and would rather pay for a tea that has more strength, depth, and complexity to its aroma. I haven't tried enough bi luo chun's to say whether or not this one is up to par...but comparing since China abounds with inexpensive green teas that I like more than this one, I'm inclined to say this one is substantially overpriced.

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