Review of True Blueberry® Herbal Tea

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I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting this to be so good. In my area, Mother Nature seems to be going through her "change" and we've been getting some wild hot and cold flashes. I'll go outside in a long sleeve shirt and border on sweating one day, then go outside in thermal pants, leg warmers, a down vest, two layers, and a jacket and still be freezing cold the next. I tend to drink Celestial Seasonings herbal teas during the summer, when I make iced tea out of them. In fact, I did make iced tea a few days ago. But, the Watermelon Lime Zinger that tastes great iced is sadly not nearly as good warm. I needed something warm today and decided to try this -- which has been sitting in my cupboard with the plastic still around the packaging for far too long. Though the dry tea bags weren't all that appealing in terms of scent, the scent of the tea brewing was wonderful. I ended up sitting and drinking a cup or two before going out for a walk and then taking a thermos with me, braving the sometimes bitter cold. It was a great flavor to complement the cold. It tastes like it would be great in autumn or even winter. It certainly was great today on the frigid cusp of spring. I look forward to trying it iced when the weather gets warmer.

In short: a great, sweet, lightly tart fruity herbal tea with a slight blueberry flavor, which is delicious served hot and needs no sweetener to be delicious.

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