Review of Pomegranate Pizzazz® Herbal Tea

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Steeped for a little over 5 minutes, with near boiling water, in a 10oz tea for one pot yielding two cups.

I personally liked this. Compared with something like Bigelow Pomegranate Green Tea it’s apparent that the flavor is not true pomegranate but more like a fruit tea that happens to be geared towards the tart fruit side of the spectrum.

The smell offers a bright bouquet of fresh berries, taste is delightful and rich with no bitterness even with the use of hibiscus for balance. The tea itself is a deep red, and the overall feel really struck a chord with me.
For someone who really enjoys dark, malty, or strong black teas I surprised myself with this one.

It hearkened back to a simpler time where my mom would offer tea with fresh fruit, or homemade cookies after dinner. Being a young male I would always associate this tea time with a doll house tea party, beneath the vigor of chaos that boys cloak themselves in at a young and exploratory age.
Now I realize, however, that the reprieve after a long day is embodied in a tea like this. Non-caffeinated so you can still rest easy, as my mother originally intended.

Yes, the first ingredient listed is apple which is apparent on the nose. In my opinion though this allows for a base for all the fruit/flower tastes to merge within, exciting the palate to a familiar taste instead of leaving things lacking with only one note to diffuse through.
This is a well-rounded tea, even if it misses the product mark a little bit.

Pomegranate? Only some. Pizzazz? Certainly.

I would keep this stocked for a nighttime treat, it’s just that good.

Flavors: Apple, Berry, Floral, Fruity, Sweet, Tart

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