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Half-litre pot at home, made from very fine black tea leaves - the description on the label tea company's website mentions CTC from the best high plains of Africa - so tiny it looks nearly like granulate. Pours somewhat hazy dark copper brown with an orange taint (against white china) and no discernible sediment. Clear (but not intense) malty aroma of Assam, perhaps with a touch of Ceylon to it. Bitter, leafy flavour of black tea, with touches of malt and cardamon. Astringent palate with a leafy aftertaste and malty hints. Decent on its own. I never drink tea with milk, but the assistant in my local outlet in Flensburg recommended that I add some to this tea, so I did. It did not make me happy. The flavour, not excessively pronounced to begin with, was reduced considerably. I added a touch of sugar to improve it and it helped, as did an oatmeal and cocoa biscuit. I drank the rest of the pot clean, though. Cheap and cheerful (€3.60 per 100 g) but I am probably not Irish enough to be really moved by it.

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13 g / l; 100 C; 4 min.

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