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An Earl Grey Tea from Twinings

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Cup at home, made from a teabag. Pours hazy dark brown (against white china) with sediment. Intense aroma of malt, bergamot oil, citrus and, well, horse manure, if you ask me, with some leafy notes of black tea. Bitter flavour of black tea, with some malty notes (Assam?) and citric touches and hints of bergamot oil. Astringent palate with leafy and bergamot notes and very mild citric hint. Well, I like a good Early Grey but this one is, well, rather disappointing, especially in its aroma. I do not relish in the smell or taste of animal excrements (never had a Kopi Luwak in my life). I followed the instructions on the packaging, but it seems to me that I had overbrewed it in the end. The flavour, and certainly the scent, is not light, as the packaging says. Well, that was it. Fortunately, it wasn't expensive (32 DKK for a box of 25 bags).

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1 teabag / 250 ml; 100 C; 3.5 min.

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