Tea: Nutty Almond Cream

An Herbal Tea from Tiesta Tea

Picture of Nutty Almond Cream
Brand:Tiesta Tea
Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Nutty Almond Cream

8 of 103 of 55 of 575 of 100

After reviewing David’s tea forever nuts the other day, this seems like a worthy competitor.

Appearance: A nice pale reddish color with oil spots at the top of the liquid.

Aroma: The aroma in the tin was truly exceptional. Smelled like a almond cookie. In the cup, there is still a cinnamon oatmeal cookie vibe going on but much less strongS

Flavor: This is a little more flavorful than the David’s variety; however, is far from a bold tea. Cinnamon and nutmeg type notes lead with a bit of a nutty finish.

Value: Another stellar options for the money. This is less than 2 dollars per ounce.

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