Review of Myanmar Green Pindaya (No. 596)

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One-litre pot at home, made from curly, wiry green leaves of organic Pindaya tea from Burma. Pours clear peach yellow (against white china) with no sediment. Intense aroma of green tea with malty and smoky touches. Bitter, leafy flavour with touches of smoke and malty hints. Moderately astringent palate with a leafy and slightly spicy aftertaste. Well, the body is not particularly rich (although this improves with every cup from the pot), but the tea is definitely not bad. It has a spicy touch but not the fishy kind found in Sencha. This is good for me, as I am not a pure Sencha drinker. Quite inexpensive for organic produce imported from one of the world’s most inaccessible countries (€5.90 per 100 g). Interesting. And then I appreciate the opportunity to serve it to my students when we cover the history of Burma under British rule.

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11 g / l; 75 C; 2 min.

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